Issue Editor: multiple CSS suggestions. #13
Opened by jeremycahill on 2019-10-23T16:18:36.735530Z.
jeremycahill commented 2019-10-23T16:18:36.741710Z.

1. Link text color is white-on-white while preview is toggled. This needs fixing. 2. Red spellcheck highlighting is odd, affects things it shouldn't like url fragments, and is too similar to standard expectations about what `Inline code ticks` will do. IMO it's not needed at all. Regardless, underline squigglies are the tried-and-true indicator of spellchecking. 3. Editor buttons are too low-contrast. 4. Hover styling for editor buttons is the same as styling meant to indicate that a button is disabled by preview mode. This could be fixed in-place with CSS tweaks or fixed by way of preview pane/tabbing UX. Reference images: ![2019-10-23_011516_Genepool.png]( ![2019-10-23_011517_Genepool.png](