Plasmid editor: directly pasted sequences with header lines can be mangled. #7
Opened by jeremycahill on 2019-10-23T16:10:47.473301Z.
jeremycahill commented 2019-10-23T16:10:47.479260Z.

A FASTA-style header can cause the plasmid editor to prepend the desired sequence with junk. This also causes the plasmid size to be misreported. Test sequence is [addgene 132774]( Images depict difference between direct paste and upload of identical content as a file. Reference images: ![2019-10-23_genepool.me_plasmid-editor-sequence-test-01-direct-paste.png]( ![2019-10-23_genepool.me_plasmid-editor-sequence-test-02-upload.png](